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Don’t Break the Bank – TVs under £800

Don’t Break the Bank – TVs under £800

With a maximum budget of £800, buying a new TV can become complicated. Big-name manufacturers incorporate a multitude of high tech features and peripheral options making it difficult to weigh up the pros and cons of each model.

Lucky for you, we have put the best selling TVs through their paces and cherry-picked the models that we consider to be the best of the lot.

1) Sony 55’’ TV: 4K UHD/LED/HDR Alexa Smart TV

Sony’s Bravia looks good – thin, almost non-existent bezels allow a disruption-free experience, while robust feet stand strong, and any cables are neatly hidden away.

As usual with Sony, the image quality is excellent. Rich, vibrant colours, deep honest contrasts, and highly detailed textures combine to produce a visual adventure that just keeps on giving.

The innovative Game Mode takes gaming to a whole new level, offering super smooth scrolling and a comfortingly responsive realism. With Google Assistant and Android TV, this is a great package that the whole family can enjoy.

2) SAMSUNG 55’’ 4K UHD/HDR Smart TV

There’s no denying it, the TU-7000 is an impressive model. Stylishly built, its simple appearance belies its superior performance which includes a tonal array to die for. Crystal clarity and sharpness deliver awesome luminosity that doesn’t dim even in the brightest day thanks to the near non-reflective surface coating.

With non-existent motion blur, the fastest action movie is an immersive, edge-of-seat adrenaline rush, while the most energy-hungry game remains judder-free and super smooth.

The TU-7000 provides 55 inches of the full-on prime visual estate and a world of wild adventure.

3) LG 65″ 4K UHD/LED Smart TV with Alexa Built-In

With a quad-core processor, LG’s well-designed TV offers an awesome TV experience. Enhanced colours, unbelievably detailed textures, and a stand-out-from-the-crowd clarity, LG have produced a smart device that delivers on all its promises.

Freeview Play is built-in, and casting content between devices creates a smooth, reliable ride, while apps, downloads and real-time streaming allow a fully immersive experience with Alexa always happy to oblige.

LG are easily living up to their reputation for producing high-quality TVs at budget-friendly prices with this model, which we’re happy to recommend.

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