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High Quality Small TV Stands

High Quality Small TV Stands

If you’re looking for a small TV for a kid’s bedroom, student accommodation, or maybe your home study to use in order to take a break from work, it makes sense to seek out a small stand to place it on. A TV stand not only ensures that your screen doesn’t fall over or get knocked by an excited child or pet, but it finishes the room’s appearance and provides a useful place to put peripheries and other items.

It’s easy to overpower a small TV by placing it on a large unit, making it appear more diminutive than it actually is, so it’s best to pick the appropriate size for your new screen. But if you’re short on space, there’s no reason why your room, with a high-quality TV stand, cannot possess the WOW factor!

Every small TV stand featured in our collection has earned its place by surviving a series of tough tests designed to assess every element for quality. We test for numerous things, including:

  • Quality of construction – every small TV stand must be constructed to the highest standard.
  • Functionality – the stand must fulfill the brief and provide a safe and stylish setting for your TV and any peripheries.
  • Ease of assembly – if the unit needs to be assembled, every component should be included, and the assembly must be hassle-free.
  • Value for money – by weighing up the quality vs the price, we can assess whether the stand offers value for money.
  • Aesthetic appeal – every TV stand must conform to contemporary design ideals.

By going to such extreme lengths, you can be assured that every model we recommend is of the highest possible quality.

Here, then, are our top 3 small TV stands of 2021

1) Orb White Small TV Cabinet


2) e-Com – TV Cabinet


3) ValuFurniture Painted White and Oak TV Cabinet


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