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Discover the Top 3 60 Inch TVs – Best TVs for 2021

Discover the Top 3 60 Inch TVs – Best TVs for 2021

The viewing experience that a 60 inch TV offers is exciting, to say the least, and, although not a standard size, they fit perfectly in most average-sized rooms.

The majority of models include smart features and enhanced image quality, thanks to the ever-advancing 4K UHD technology, making them the ideal choice for family viewing. Wide angled viewing planes are rapidly becoming the norm as manufacturers recognize that not everyone has a seating plan that places the audience in direct view of the screen. Family film nights no longer have to consist of scrunching up on the sofa with no room to breathe just to see the image accurately!

Spread out and kick back with our choice of the best 60 inch TVs:

1) Samsung 65” 4K UHD Smart TV

This Samsung has an ultra-powerful 4K UHD processor which optimises the performance of your TV, making colours pop with pristine 4K image quality. The picture displayed is terrific, vivid, and vibrant colours run alongside rich contrasting, and luminosity. Details and textures are reach-out-and-touch impressive and are further improved by the full array LED backlight.

The high tech Smart TV allows you to use some of the most popular apps right now and is also compatible with Alexa. It has built-in HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

All in all, this is an easy recommendation.

2) Sony Bravia 55” 4K UHD/HDR/LED Smart TV

The Sony Bravia is exceptionally good at optimising the overall contrast of non-HDR images, making them look almost as if they were HDR. The Triluminos display helps create fascinating shades of colour, to improve the overall picture quality further. The fast-moving scenes are rolled smoothly by the Motion XR 960, which helps enhance the 120Hz panel.

It is voice compatible. just like the other TVs on this list, has 4 HDMI ports and a built-in Wi-Fi connection. The design of the TV is pretty regular, but it still stands classically sleek with a slim bezel and a beautiful stand.

3) HISENSE 65” 4K UHD/HDR Smart TV, Freeview and Alexa

While testing this baby, we were surprised by the high quality vs the low, low price – all in all, the value for money is excellent.

With a great build quality, the sleekly slimline chassis, and minimalistic bezels easily pull you into the on-screen adventure without distraction. The colour gamut blends seamlessly where it needs to, but offers stark, crisp contrasts, without the annoying halo effect, where the image demands. Textures are nicely detailed, and the scrolling is smooth. This is an awesome screen for an impressively low price.

The audio is good, too, okay so maybe not as good some of the other models here, but only if you crank the volume right up does the acoustic judder become apparent, and for us, that certainly isn’t a deal-breaker. We still feel this rightly deserves a place on our list of excellence, especially with Alexa, Vidaa U and Freeview Play ready to obey your every whim!

FAQs about buying a 60 Inch TV

How wide is a 60 inch TV?

The screen for a 60 inch TV is usually around 52 inches wide, and with today's stylishly slim bezels only adding an inch or so, the whole TV will come in at 53 inches wide.

How tall is a 60 inch TV?

A screen for a 60 inch TV is generally around 29 inches high. The rest of the height consists of the stand, which varies depending on the style.

What size soundbar do I need for a 60 inch TV?

A 50 inch soundbar would suit a 60 inch TV perfectly.

How many amps does a 60 inch LED TV use?

An 60 inch LED TV uses fewer Amps than a LCD or Plasma TV would, at around 1.6 Amps for 120 v.

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