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Best Portable TVs – Movies on the Move

Best Portable TVs – Movies on the Move

Gone are the days when the smaller, more portable TVs are the less advanced weaker brother of our big family screens. Today you can have your screen time and take it with you with no loss of quality or extra features.

Whether you’re looking for a TV to throw in your holiday bag, a screen that you can take up to bed with you, or you live in a compact apartment, you needn’t miss out with a portable TV.

We’ve checked out the best sellers and put them through their paces in order to select our top models.

1) Digital TV 10” 1080P HD Digital

Ashata’s 10 inch TV is absolutely packed with extras and offers an impressive picture quality. Lightweight, yet comfortingly robust, even the antenna are solidly made.

The LCD widescreen delivers the full-colour gamut and with good screen-wide uniformity, you certainly don’t miss out on any details. Blacks are nicely dark, while whites are crisp and clear. Powered by AC/DC via included adaptors, or rechargeable batteries, use the various input ports for a Roku, Chromecast, or Fire TV stick and you’re all set up to enjoy films and more wherever you might be.

2) August 10.1″ Portable LCD/HD TV with Inbuilt Recorder & Multimedia Player

This solidly built portable TV from August does have quite a wide frame, to be fair, but it’s awesome quality and superbly robust. Throw this in your travel bag and this diminutive TV would come up grinning through any damage.

The colour display is accurate and sharp, with decent contrasts and smooth scrolling. Tuning is user-friendly, and the built-in rechargeable battery has a good life of several hours on full power, but you can also choose either AC or DC power for charging on the move. All in all, this is a useful TV for taking on holiday or watching in another room.

3) Zerone 12” TV HD/ 1080p Freeview

Standing at 12 inches, the largest of our choices, this model offers more screen estate coupled with a streamlined chassis.

The display delivers vibrant, realistic colours, great contrasts with rich details, and although a screen this size struggles to bring the immersive experience to the viewer, this is pretty close. Powered by rechargeable batteries, AC or DC options, featuring a variety of ports, and including charger adapters, cables, and removable stand, this package is well worth considering.

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