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The Top 3 LCD TVs for 2021 Unveiled!

The Top 3 LCD TVs for 2021 Unveiled!

Although LCD TV technology is not new, it still remains one of the most groundbreaking viewing technology. Unlike plasma TV technology which emits light, Liquid Crystal Display TVs block light and provide for a clearer lighting background that captivates the eye. Fluorescence, therefore, is the main technology behind LCD TVs.

Overall, LCD TVs provide good viewing experience and will remain top in the market especially for those who seek brightness and illumination in their television viewing experience.

Here’s a list of the best-performing LCD TVs in 2021:

1) LG 32” Lcd/Led/Full Hd Thinq Smart TV

Having outstanding Smart TV capabilities, this LCD TV could accommodate 5,000 streaming channels that allow access to half a million films and TV shows through the smart platform. The remote has a simple console that allows for smoother and easier channel switching, while the smart app is super rapid to download, allowing the viewer to have utmost control. Even the fastest action scenes are smooth and free-flowing thanks to the direct-light LCD.

This model comes with all the necessary ports and cables, including 3 HDMI inputs, analogue video input, USB port, digital and analogue audio output. As a result of its 1080p resolution, objects and images on the screen appear life-like and touchably real.

All in all, this model is easy to recommend.

2) Samsung RU7400 50” Dynamic Crystal Colour HDR

With 1080p, this Samsung Smart TV has twice the resolution twice of your regular HD television, bringing the magic of TV straight into your living room. Its Quad-Core Processor allows for smooth streaming, browsing of channels, and other Internet capabilities. It also comes with the ultra popular Samsung remote control. For an LCD TV, it has excellent backlight technology that makes it easier to refresh websites and streams. Its wires and cables are also up-to-date with 2 HDMI Input ports, 1 Component Video Input port, RF In (Satellite Input) port, 1 USB Input and 1 Composite In (AV) ports, and Ethernet and Digital Audio Out (Optical) ports.

If you want to do away with having a cable box, its own built-in Wi-Fi makes it more convenient for viewers who love online streaming and on-demand videos. Its sleek design gives it a classic look, while its portability makes it easy to mount and set up.

3) HISENSE 43” 4K UHD/HDR Smart TV Freeview


The Hisense 43” has the capabilities of a smart TV but with the glorious image resolution of an LCD particularly in terms of its colour replication, realistic contrast ration and textural components. The refresh rate of 75Hz allows for an impressively smooth experience

The size is ideal for desk viewing in your room, or in your kitchen as you do your everyday tasks, however, this works equally well as a computer screen as it comes with an HDMI port. Overall, in terms of sharpness and clarity, its everything you want in a small television meant for a cosy experience in the comforts of your workroom. With its portability and convenience, this TV is everything you need for personal use.

Overview of LCD TVs Review

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