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Best TVs Under £250 – Quality on a Budget

Best TVs Under £250 – Quality on a Budget

Even with a smaller budget, consumers are spoiled for choice within the TV market, and big name manufacturers have included the more price-conscious amongst us in their newly released models. No one misses out, and everyone can still purchase high-quality TVs, with all the latest tech.

We’ve tried and tested numerous TVs with a price of under £250, and here are our top choices

1) Toshiba 32” Smart Full-HD LED TV with Freeview Play

This model from tech giants Toshiba features a good build quality, and whilst the bezels aren’t the thinnest ever, the TV still looks and feels well made and decent.

Performance-wise, Toshiba have done it again. A balanced grey uniformity and contrast ratio allows a rich deep black, even in a dark room, and the brighter tones, even with the wide viewing angle, show no halo flare whatsoever.

The wealth of smart features, including numerous pre-installed apps, and a huge range available to download, makes this a good choice for a family TV.

2) Sharp 32” HD Ready LED Smart TV with Freeview Play

Offering an impressive visual adventure, this Sharp has colours that are vibrant and realistic, countered by fully formed blacks and comfortable glare-free whites. Even the fastest action chase flows smoothly for edge-of-seat immersivity, and Sharp’s smart capabilities allow access to hundreds of thousands of films, episodes and more.

With voice search and control from Alexa, multiple device input/output options and the ability to set your TV as your smart home hub, this is an easy TV to recommend.

3) Blaupunkt 24″ HD Ready/LED TV Freeview

Featuring a clarity rarely seen in a TV of this price band, this is a decent TV. Add in the impressive audio offering, and we want to hang on to this model. Rich detailing, realistic colours and smooth, self-satisfied responsiveness come together to give a performance that belies the price tag.

All in all, this is an impressively slick TV, well worth serious consideration.

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