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Our Favourite TV Stands with Mounts of 2021

Our Favourite TV Stands with Mounts of 2021

When looking for a stand to place your TV on, one with a built-in mount is ideal. Allowing you to adjust the height and angle of the screen, adding a mount results in a completely personalised viewing arena.

Generally, they are designed as a low sideboard style with the stand towards the rear, however some of our recommended models have a more contemporary, minimalist styling. The style choice should complement your current decor, ensuring that nothing distracts you from your favorite movie.

There are certain considerations to think about, however, when looking for a high-quality TV stand with a mount, and we’ve thoroughly checked each of the following criteria on every model, only recommending the most perfect ones.

These considerations include:

  • Quality of construction – our recommended TV stands all conform to our high expectations of quality and great production methods.
  • Functionality – each stand is fully functional, allowing easy adjustment to screen height and angle, making viewing comfortable.
  • Ease of assembly – our chosen units can be put together easily, with every component included.
  • Storage – each model in our selection offers a degree of reliable and sturdy storage options.
  • Aesthetic appeal – every unit exceeds our highest ideals for style and design.

So, here are our top 3 TV stands with mounts of 2021:

1) BONTEC Universal Pedestal TV Stand

2) Invision GT1200 Mobile TV Stand on Wheels

3) RFIVER Universal Swivel Height Adjustable and Cable Management

What size TV stand do I need?

The size of TV you need is dependent on the size of your room and budget. Generally the larger the screen, the larger the price; however this isn't always the case.

How can I hide wires behind a TV stand?

Most contemporary TVs have stands that include channels for the wires to slot into, hiding them from view.

How tall should a TV stand be?

The size of your TV screen will dictate how large your TV stand needs to be.

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