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For The Times When Size Really Does Matter – Our Top 70-inch TV Stands

For The Times When Size Really Does Matter – Our Top 70-inch TV Stands

With more dynamic blockbuster movies, and immersive TV shows being produced all the time, having a larger screen to watch them on is becoming increasingly popular, and impressive 70-inch screens are being enjoyed by more families all over the UK.

However, it can be difficult to know where the best place to site your 70-inch whopper is. TVs need to have a stable base to eliminate the risk of being knocked over by an over-exuberant child, or pet (not only because it could damage the TV – a large screen falling on a small child can really hurt!)

Our 70-inch TV stands are the ideal thing. Designed to easily support the weight of larger screens, with plenty of space around for remotes and more. Many include drawers, cupboards, or shelves to utilize any available space. With numerous styles to choose from, your living room decor will be enhanced with the addition of a new TV stand.

Every TV stand model is tested by us to ensure that we’re only recommending the very best, with examinations designed to assess certain criteria, including:

  • Build quality – every TV stand must be manufactured to the highest standards possible.
  • Value for money – for this crucial criterion, we weigh up every factor against the price asked to establish the value for money offered.
  • Style – although obviously subjective, every 70-inch stand must conform to our exceptional style and design guidelines.
  • Functionality – our TV stands must function as an effective stand with every feature performing perfectly; drawers, for example, must fit impeccably and open smoothly.
  • Quality – every inch must conform to, or exceed, our stringent expectations for quality.

By going the extra mile, we ensure you don’t have to look into every TV stand out there in order to purchase a beautifully designed, yet functional, piece of furniture, completely hassle-free.

Why not have a browse through our top 70-inch TV stands of 2021:

1) Fleximounts Mobile TV Stand Fits 32″-70″ Lockable Wheels

2) RFIVER  Mobile TV Stand for 32″-70″ TVs


3) Sydney Black & Walnut 2 Door TV Cabinet Extra Large

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