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Best Sony TVs – Discover the Top 3 Sony TVs for 2021!

Best Sony TVs – Discover the Top 3 Sony TVs for 2021!

As one of the largest multinational corporations in the world, Sony has a long history of producing TVs, among other electronics. They are one of the most prominent TV manufacturers in the world. Everything started back in 1968 when they came up with the first TV line called Trinitron. While the days of Trinitron are now over, a new model has been introduced by Sony called Bravia.

Despite their recent struggles in the TV market, Sony remains a powerhouse in the other markets, especially that of gaming consoles, with PlayStation being one of the most famous in the world, only being rivalled by Xbox and Nintendo.

However, Sony’s recently produced TVs are making quite the comeback with lower prices and top-notch quality and technology.

Read more below to discover the bestselling Sony TVs in 2021.

1) Sony BRAVIA KD43XG70 43” LED 4K HDR/UHD Smart TV

The sleek, slim design put together with the edge-lit LED produce excellent picture quality. To make things look even better, the combination of HDR with 4K Ultra HD creates astonishing contrast and lifelike pictures that will make you feel you’re in the TV screen, watching the scene play out. The Triluminos gives an extended spectrum of colours, to further your watching experience.

The performance of Sony XG70 is flawless, and the wide variety of services that it offers is terrific. With four HDMI ports, one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, one composite, and a hybrid of component/composite, your options are almost endless. It is also compatible with Alexa, to make it easier for you to turn your TV off, change the channel, or the volume.

2) Sony BRAVIA KD65X70 – 65” 4K LED/UHD/HDR Smart TV  Freeview Play

The X70 series offers a great look and it will surely greatly contribute to the appearance of any room. The stand is elegant, and the slim bezel makes it look fancy and futuristic. The 4K HD TV delivers stunning visuals, and the colour range is breathtaking while the X1 Extreme processor further enhances the contrast and offers a wide range brightness. The Triluminos and X-Motion clarity give vibrant colours, with the TV also being compatible with Alexa for easy control.

It has multiple inputs, one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, and four HDMI ports. With the TV you will also get a voice remote, IR blaster, setup guide, operating manual and a stand. This TV also works perfectly for gaming aficionados, because of the quality of the picture and the sound that it offers. While it is a fraction more expensive, as a 65” TV with terrific performances and gorgeous appearance – it’s worth every penny.

3) Sony BRAVIA XH81 – 55”4K LED/UHD/HDR Smart TV

The slim screen and bezel make it look like you’re staring directly into a new world, rather than a TV, and the 4K UHD resolution makes you feel like you’re actually there. The contrast is almost unmatched since it balances the light output to perfection. Triluminos and 4K HDR further add to the enhancement of and clarity of colours. Just like XH81, it virtually has no blur thanks to the Motionflow XR technology.

With the TV, you will find both voice remote and Google Assistant built-in, with this model being compatible with Google Home and Alexa. It has the best processor that Sony can offer, the X1 Ultimate and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The features and the quality that this bad boy has will last for many years.

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