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Smart TV Reviews 2021 – Take a Look at Our Top 3

Smart TV Reviews 2021 – Take a Look at Our Top 3

Sometimes all you want is a small TV. If you live in an apartment, are a student with a limited budget, or are looking for a second set for your home, you might not want a huge intrusive screen, along with the associated price tag.

Often possessing all the high tech specs as larger models, coupled with a slick contemporary flat screen, smaller models can include smart capabilities. With the ability to download films, and stream online content, internet services such as Netflix, Amazon, or Facebook are easily accessible. For gamers, the smaller screen size allows for uninterrupted sessions away from the rest of the household.

These are our favourite three smaller, but still perfect TVs.

1) TCL 32” HDR Smart Android TV HD


Although this 32-inch screen seems diminutive, these looks are deceptive. This packs all the power of its bigger brothers. With a stylish, minimalistic design, featuring neat, slimline bezels, and unobtrusive feet, it can be easily wall mounted if required. The ports, including 3 HDMI inputs, are easily accessible wherever the screen is situated.

A direct-lit LED screen, with a decent resolution of 1080p, the image quality for a TV of this size, is great. Many smaller screens don’t carry the full HD resolution, but as usual with TCL, they have gone the distance and provided this model with a true-to-life quality. The blacks are solidly black, but not overpowering, while the brights don’t detract from the scene or bleed around the edges. The colours are sharp and vibrant and with a refresh rate of 120Hz, there’s no motion blur on even the fastest action.

Our only, very minor issue, is that at high volume there is a slight audio distortion; however, high volume is ear bleedingly loud and in the normal course of events, you wouldn’t need to go anywhere near that.

The smart functionality offers access, via TCL’s Google Assistant Chrome Cast and download more through the Google Play Store Plus with access to over 5000 streaming channels. Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant means that finding something to watch is super simple – just ask and it shall appear.

All in all, this is a decent quality small TV, offering everything you could want, at a great price.

2) LG 32” HD Ready Smart LED TV with Freeview Play

The perfect example that small size doesn’t mean poor quality, this screen from LG delivers a good all-round experience. Admittedly, in terms of appearance, it’s pretty generic with plain black bezels, and a sturdy, square-based stand. The 3 HDMI ports are situated along the side, which eliminates any need to scrabble around at the back, and there’s a discreet row of controls running along the front of the TV, useful if you lose the remote.

Offering accurate colours, the gamut range is good, and provides decently dark blacks, contrasting nicely alongside the brights without either being overwhelming. Textures appear well defined and realistic, and the 720p resolution works well in a screen this size. The viewing angle, however, is not as wide as some, and when watching from the widest point, the colours lose a little accuracy, but this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker. A refresh rate of 60Hz copes well with fast-moving action scenes, and as such, this would make a great little gaming display.

LG’s interface works well, with smooth, logical navigation. Streaming and downloading are simple, and with access to apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and Prime, the webOS Smart platform can team up with LG’s Magic Remote to offer a great smart experience.

LG’s addition to the small screen market is a decent TV, and although not stand-out remarkable, it offers a large range of features, provides great image quality, and comes in at a budget-friendly price.

3) Samsung 32″ Smart Full HD/HDR LED TV Tizen OS 

Samsung’s 32’’ smart TV is neat, compact and jam-packed with great features. Although not particularly slimline, when compared to other small models, it’s positively svelte. The bezels, whilst stylish and thinner than average, are plastic, but the feet are stable and unobtrusive. The build quality Samsung is renowned for is ably demonstrated with this model.

The 1080p display is pleasingly sharp, with a crisp, clear contrast, and the full gamut of rich, vibrant colours, thanks to Samsung’s PurColor. However, there is a small issue with backlighting in the corners; it’s unnoticeable when viewed just on this TV, but when placed side by side with another, there are very slight shadows in two corners. Detailing is nicely defined, and a 60Hz refresh rate allows for judder-free scrolling, and smooth running action scenes.

The smart features and built-in WiFi allow live streaming from services, including Hula, Netflix and YouTube, and the interactive settings, coupled with the user-friendly remote control, make this TV simple to install and access. Through Samsung’s Connect Hub, your whole smart home can be controlled from your sofa.

Samsung a great choice if you’re looking for a small TV that gives you all the features of a larger model at a fraction of the price.

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