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The Future is Here – Get Your Hands on the Best Ultra HD 4k TVs For Under £1000!

The Future is Here – Get Your Hands on the Best Ultra HD 4k TVs For Under £1000!

The future is here – the 4K TVs have made sure of that. Watching a film or TV show is now an entirely different experience, thanks to the unique visuals offered by 4K technology. How we watch, hear, and enjoy our viewing time has now been completely updated, with older outdated tech blown out of the water due to the intricacy of 4K technology.

4K refers to the resolution being 4 times that of a regular 1080p HD TV. The picture is much sharper, better, and more vivid. Going from HD to 4K TVs is a revelation. The details are exquisite, and the colours are vibrant with luminosity. Watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime and all you need is the popcorn to be in the cinema.

Below, you will find the best three 4K TVs that come with price tags of under £1000.

1) TCL 65”  4K TV QLED/UHD/HDR+10, Freeview Play, Google Assistant & Alexa

This TV will give you the ultimate watching experience. Starting from the brilliant design, TCL’s 65-inch model is futuristically minimal, styled to the nth degree. It has tremendous picture quality and incorporates Dolby Vision HDR impeccably. The QLED adapts readily to the luminosity of each scene by dimming or lighting as necessary. Freeview offers hundreds of thousands of viewing options, all waiting for your command – yes, the voice tech is phenomenal.

The TLC 4K will give you everything that you want in a great TV without having to spend a fortune.

2) LG 65” 4K LED/UHD/HDR Smart TV with Freeview with Alexa

The UHD picture of LG’s 4K TV is visually jaw-dropping. With a display of around 8 million pixels, it has amazing clarity and the colours are vivacious, vibrant and exciting. Alexa is included and can customise the display, search for film, music and more, and will even control your smart home.

With Freeview allowing access to thousands of free channels, you’ll never miss a thing – Hula, Amazon, and Netflix are among the streaming services preloaded for you.

The picture and the sound the LG’s 4K TV offers is well in excess of its budget-friendly price tag.

3) HISENSE 65” 4K UHD/HDR Smart TV with Freeview Play and Alexa Built-in

The overall design of this Hisense screams quality and style, while the image it delivers is astounding, with colours popping, full of life and exuberance. Immersive in the extreme, with no lag, this is an ideal games machine, and the cinematic experience just doesn’t let up with edge-of-seat realism.  Thanks to 4K Solution, you can experience an expanded spectrum of colours with increased vibrancy.

Alexa comes built-in, allowing complete, personalised control, and Hisense’s Dolby Atmos audio technology used to great effect in high-end cinemas offers a fully rounded, thumping soundscape.

This is an impressive TV, even more so considering its price bracket.

Is 4k really better than 1080p?

Ultra high definition, also known as UHD or 4K, delivers a far better resolution than 1080p. UHD displays are 3840 x 2160 pixels, whilst 1080p is1920 x 1080 pixels.

What is a 4k TV?

The display resolution for a 4K TV consists of 3840 x 2160 pixels, equalling well in excess of 8 million pixels. This results in a realistically vibrant screen resolution.

How do you clean a 4k TV screen?

Using a weak mix of vinegar and distilled water, dampen a lint-free cloth and wipe over the entire TV screen once you've unplugged it. Use gentle circular motions, and if you have any stubborn marks, use a dab of neat vinegar to remove them.

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