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Our Favourite Soundbars Under £300 – Theatre Quality Sound

Our Favourite Soundbars Under £300 – Theatre Quality Sound

Soundbars are widely considered to complete the home audio system. Simple to install, they condense the sound from several speakers to one highly efficient bar speaker with the ability to bring the theatre experience right into the home.

We’ve tried and tested numerous models through a variety of audio options.

1) Polk S3 Soundbar/ Wireless Subwoofer with Chromecast

This sleek black powerhouse of sound, offering a deep rumbling bass throb provides excellent value for money. Every sound, from quiet heartfelt whispers to angry shouts, fills the air with accurate emotions.

The built-in Chromecast, with options to wirelessly stream music, turns your TV into a superb home theatre system with this floor or wall-mounted soundbar.

Simple to connect, this soundbar is well worth serious consideration.

2) Bose Soundbar with Bluetooth Connectivity

Well built by Bose, a brand known for its audio expertise, this soundbar offers crystal crisp sound quality – a decent throbbing bass with a frequency of 45 Hz, with top notes to die for.

Reliably stable, the wireless Bluetooth can be controlled by your cell phone; however, USB ports allow wired connection to your TV, PC or other device, if you prefer. With a choice of film modes via the remote, you can personalise your home movie experience.

3) SHARP 3.1 Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Bluetooth

Using advanced DSP technology, this edgy looking soundbar provides a comfortingly accurate audio soundscape. The dynamic surround bass effects enhance any movie, and with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, installation is simple, quick and stable.

Use the remote for full control, with the option of toggling between equalizer modes, providing a 3D stereo sound adventure. Wall mounted or not, the option is yours, but we urge you to experiment with the optimum placement and once found, you will not be disappointed.

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