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Discover Our Favourite Toshiba TVs of the Year!

Discover Our Favourite Toshiba TVs of the Year!

Once one of the big names at the forefront of HD technology, alongside Samsung, LG, and Sony, Toshiba has, in recent years, been on rocky footing. But in the last year, Toshiba is successfully pushing the other brands out of the way, and climbing back up there, producing decent quality TVs, whilst still keeping prices reasonable. So, if you’re looking for a bargain, Toshiba is well worth serious consideration.

The top three best selling Toshiba TV are all very similar in quality and features. The build quality on all three is impressive for the price, and design-wise, they all look good. The bezels, whilst not the thinnest we’ve seen, are pretty unobtrusive, and the retro style curved stand supports the screen nicely. The stand can be removed, however, for wall mounting. The multiple connectivity ports are situated near the edge on the back panel, but are easily accessible, and include 3 HDMI inputs, along with USB, Ethernet, and audio jacks.

With a vast app library, plus the preprogrammed Netflix, YouTube, and of course, Amazon itself, you’re spoilt for choice, and with the app ecosystem broken down into categories, most of the work is done for you. The ever-willing Alexa is always on hand to assist. She’ll also adjust screen settings and take charge of your smart home – unfortunately, though, she still can’t make a decent cup of java. We can dream.

Image Quality

Across the board the image quality is surprisingly good, considering the prices. The native contrast, and black uniformity, lends the picture a realistic feel, and although none feature local dimming, the blacks are deep and rich enough not to miss it. The whites, too, are bright, but natural, with none of the halo effect that some cheaper TVs suffer from.

With 4K UHD, the colours are accurate, vibrant and stunningly clear, and although the TF – 32, doesn’t quite match the other two for resolution, unless comparing side by side, you wouldn’t notice any lack of picture quality. For fast action movies, sports and gaming the quick refresh rate eliminates any annoying judders or jerkiness, creating smooth flawless action.

Audio-wise, all three would benefit from a dedicated soundbar. That said, their audio performances are pretty decent, with low and mid ranges fully represented, and the high demonstrating an almost, but not quite, imperceptible, distortion at full volume. However, you wouldn’t want to crank it up all the way anyway – these TVs go loud with a capital L.

Toshiba has aptly demonstrated their ability to play nicely with the big boys with these models and has caught up, and in some cases overtaken, the competition. Cornering the low budget/high-quality market has brought them back to the forefront of popular TV manufacturers, and it’s nice to see. It’s fair to say, we’re impressed by what we’ve seen, and consider any one of these three models well worth giving up wall space for.

1) Toshiba 32” HD Ready Smart TV with Freeview Play

2) Toshiba 43” Smart 4K LED/UHD TV with Freeview Play (2019 Model)

3) Toshiba 55” Smart 4K LED/UHD/HDR Freeview Play

How high should I mount my Toshiba TV?

How high you mount your Toshiba TV depends on the screen size and the size of your room. With these two figures you can calculate the correct viewing height, which will tell you how high your TV should be mounted.

Where are Toshiba TVs manufactured?

Toshiba are a Japanese company, originally manufactured in Japan, but since 2015, their TVs have been made in North America.

What size TV do I need?

The size of TV you require depends on the size of your room and your budget. Consider both before thinking about the right TV size for you.

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