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Looking for the Best and Cheapest 19 inch TV? Look no Further!

Looking for the Best and Cheapest 19 inch TV? Look no Further!

What Makes a 19 Inch TV a Good Buy?

Nowadays, we’re looking for TVs that are as big as possible, which goes along with big cars, big chairs and so on.

However, some of us still prefer smaller, neater TVs that can fit on a kitchen worktop, a shelf in our child’s bedroom, or on the wall in a student loft.  There are plenty of options to choose from, too, whether you are on the hunt for a decent small TV with smart features, or perhaps a regular model.

We’ve found the best 19 inch TV, with high-quality pictures, durability, and at the same time, a very affordable price.

Sniper 19″ HD LED TV with DVD, Satellite and Freeview

This TV has a built-in digital tuner that has an ATSC channel receiver, as well as NTSC UHF/VHF analogue channel receiver. It also has an HDMI input, as well as a USB input. It is super lightweight, it weighs only 4.84 lbs., and the dimensions are 17.28 x 5.5 x 13.7 inches. The quality of the display is vibrant, with a brilliant luminosity, and full 720p quality, allowing a usefully wide viewing angle.

The contrasts are dynamic, full-bodied and bold, and fortunately, lack the annoying halo so often seen with bright whites. Textural details are almost touchable, while the super-smooth refresh immerses you fully in the experience. With an audio soundscape to match, this is an impressive beast, packed into a small but perfectly formed chassis.

How big is a 19 inch tv?

The dimensions of a 19 inch TV are approximately 17 inches high including the base x 6 inches deep x 16 inches wide.

How much does a 19 inch TV weigh?

A 19 inch TV weighs around 8 lbs or 3 kgs.

How high should a 19 inch TV be mounted?

In order to be at a comfortable viewing height, the bottom edge of the TV should be approximately 25 inches above the floor.

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